Mapped in Israel includes a full job marketplace. Posting and searching for jobs is completely free.

CompaniesPost your jobs. Attract top talent

Posting job openings on Mapped in Israel is quick and easy. Job seekers are directed to your site to apply.

To create a job posting, you simply need to fill in 3 fields. Click “add to map” on the map.

  • Job title
  • Description (up to 4000 chars)
  • Link (to your career page or to a specific link for the job opening)

Please make sure that all your job openings are kept current by removing job openings that have been filled.

Note: if you have a large number of job openings, please contact us regarding our job import feature.

Job Seekers – Find the perfect job in the perfect location

Job searches are done directly on the Map using the search field. Simply enter your search term (e.g. java developper), click the search icon and navigate the map to find the perfect job

From the marker, click to view all the company job openings and to apply on the company website.

Job Alerts

If you create a user account, you can set up your notification preference to receive daily or weekly Job Alerts.