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Yerushalmi Street 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Towing Alert Platform for Smarter Cities: tugger App. Millions of privately-owned and rented cars are towed and impounded by municipalities around the world tugger is the towing alert and towing prevention platform that helps drivers get to their car before it is towed to an impound lot. The Problem: Municipalities: Primitive methods of information and process management during a car towing make it impossible for local authorities to make meaningful conclusions from towing data. There is a clear gap in their pursuit to be a ‘Smarter city’. Drivers: There is no service in the Auto-industry offering drivers a way to prevent their car from being towed. Solution: tugger is a key element in the Towing Management process chain offering an unprecedented service. tugger is a new layer in the Towing ecosystem. For councils and municipalities aspiring to become a ‘Smart City’, it is essential to embrace towing software technologies. This allows them to gain real-time insights and metrics so that future development decisions are data-driven and based on intelligent analysis of towings. Distribution: Pilot in progress: tugger App in partnership with Avis Israel is underway in 2016. Soon, tugger App will partner with automotive industry and other providers to offer comprehensive coverage for their customers. Product: tugger App developed on iOS & Android platforms, available via Google Play and App Store. T UGGER: PARK YOUR WOR R I E S