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Montefiore Street 39, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Twiggle is setting the standard for a new paradigm of Product Search & Discovery: providing a robust data infrastructure for matching products to user intent with an unprecedented degree of accuracy, nuance and coverage. Twiggle was founded with the goal of delivering a superior search and discovery technology for products. We envisioned a product search solution tailored to the highly competitive e-commerce industry, where understanding customer needs and providing qualified, relevant results creates the utmost value. We understood that, with our approach to cleaning and structuring data, we could enable a search experience that would revolutionize the capabilities of major search and e-commerce companies to understand their users’ needs and, in turn, provide highly targeted and tailored results. This would inevitably increase relevancy (and thereby also conversion rates), leading to greater profitability. Today, our unique approach to classifying, recommending, and displaying products significantly outperforms existing search technologies, including those of major retailers and search engines. We achieve these results by structuring, normalizing, and canonicalizing product-related data from across the web. Using our expertise in Search and data science, we make products and product-related information easily accessible and incredibly useful to users, which ultimately removes barriers in dealing with product selection and purchase decisions. The Team Twiggle is made up of an elite team of data scientists and engineers - ex-Google, IBM, BCG, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Duke, from top intelligence units of the Israeli Army, with over 30 US patents in search-related fields between them. The company is led by Amir Konigsberg (CEO & Co-founder) and Adi Avidor (CTO & Co-founder), two ex-Google PhDs with an accomplished track record in start-ups and multinationals in the fields of Search and e-commerce.
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