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A day in the life of an Online Content Manager at Natural Intelligence: A typical day at Natural Intelligence will undoubtedly start in the kitchen. Grab a coffee with your fellow Content team members; discuss recent changes with the Sales department over a fresh sandwich; or even chat about your previous day with the Product team while making yourself a toast. The choice is yours. While checking your daily tasks and dealing with an ever growing inbox, you are composing a new email that will initiate your freelancers on their next task. Working together, you and your freelancer will produce the exciting new content items that will appear on your sites: articles, videos, infographics, etc. Stretch your legs and get a another cup of coffee or tea then it's back to your station to sift through the relevant analytics data on all of your sites and create insights and action items on how to improve your KPIs. Every day is a little different, but the one thing that remains the same: It's never dull in the life of an Online Content Manager. This is just a sneak peek. Review the job requirements below and see if you have what it takes to join the Natural Intelligence team. Key Responsibilities ● Develop clear, detailed and thorough content requests and content templates ● Maintain strong working relationship with freelance writers and service providers ● Seek out new writers and service providers according to project requirements ● Edit essential online marketing content including website copy, video content, etc. ● Create and format online marketing content ● Track content performance with an optimization mindset ● Work closely with product managers, marketing, to develop successful campaign creative Requirements ● English - mother tongue level ● Additional foreign language (Portuguese\French\Italian\German) - a plus ● 2+ years content-related online marketing experience ● Exceptional communication skills ● Knowledge in online performance & optimizing content ● Pos
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