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The challenge: 1. Vacation planning is a time consuming process. Travelers would like to create itineraries that meet their personal needs, and maximize their experiences. In order to achieve this, they require interaction with local and professional tour guides 2. When planning a vacation, travelers struggle to find local guides with matching background, passion and culture. In addition, objective information about the guide’s experience, specialties, knowledge, and travelers’ feedback is required 3. Tour guides rarely have the time, resources and knowledge to effectively market themselves and reach potential clientele (less than 10% of them have an online presence). In addition, communicating with potential clients about building their itineraries, cost, reservations and other related aspects is cumbersome and hard to manage Our solution: A successful vacation depends on a robust itinerary. Guiderr provides travelers with fast, free, and personalized itineraries created by professionals from which they can select the most appealing one and remodel for their needs. Travelers can also use these itineraries as a tool to identify appealing tour guides for further consultation and for hiring actual tour guiding services for when they execute their travel plan. In this way, they save time and money and are confident that they have maximized their experience thanks to an itinerary that is unique and packed with adventures. To the tour guides, Guiderr provides a marketing platform in which they advertise themselves and their services. In addition, Guider provides the tour guides with an end-to-end management platform in which they manage their business.
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