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Gedera, Israel
Welcome to Gold chain – Fans Social Network Email marketing is dead, Gold Chain is a new way for mass messages, can be used by musicians, celebrities, member clubs, company’s, politicians, gurus, organizations and everyone who want to usually deliver his messages. Gold Chain offers the most innovative platform the social media industry has yet to witness. The “fans social network” offer a free and easy to use platform that operates via a website, android and iPhone operating systems. What sets Gold Chain apart is that its platform is coupled with Special patent features for Broadcast. The said features include, timed messages, precise per second viewer statistics, intra messaging showing by trigger, a/b message testing, a “cool share” option to 10 predefined close contacts, and personalization of message options by user’s details. Distributor Advantages : This net is dedicates for the needs of the distributers of mass messages for fans, customers etc. will include a higher view rate. Timed content posting and other customization options that will allow the most desired of postings to reach the masses, utilizing the wisdom of crowds and much much more… Fans and Consumer Advantages just like any one we like only desired content based on our chosen distributors, and interest (I.e. NO SPAM and NO ADS