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Aluf David St 163, Ramat Gan
BIyond is a professional services company with extensive experience in planning and implementing advanced, robust and scalable end-to-end BI, Big Data and Analytics solutions. We help start-ups and Hi-Tech companies generate business value from their data. BIyond's experts bring to the table a proven track-record of many years in various industry sectors, covering both the technological and the business-related aspects of making the most out of data. We pride ourselves on the business value we bring to our customers, achieved through practicing the highest level of professionalism. BIyond offers a variety of professional services that cover a wide range of tasks and requirements to suit the customer’s needs: 1. Data and Analytics Roadmap (DAR) – The Data and Analytics Roadmap (DAR) is a short and focused process in which BIyond analyzes the business, data and technology aspects of the future Analytics solution, and creates clarity of the various aspects involved (e.g. technology, duration, effort, costs, etc.). 2. Technology selection: Matching the business strategy with the right technology stack (Data platform, BI tool, ETL tool, etc.). 3. End-to-end Analytics solution implementation: BIyond covers all aspects of designing and implementing an end-to-end Analytics solution - using cutting-edge technologies in various architectures. 4. Data Science and Machine Learning solutions: BIyond’s experienced Data Science team is capable of handling any business-case end-to-end, using a variety of models and technologies for processing and visualizing data, such as Social Networks Analysis, Semantic Web Processing, Text Mining, and more.